November 6 - 8, 2019
Des Moines Central Library
1000 Grand Ave.
Des Moines, Iowa

Confirmed Sessions

More sessions are being added every day as they are confirmed, check back often! The final schedule will be released the week of October 14. demo
We often get absorbed with completing our deadlines to spend any time considering the future of our teams. By not mentoring new developers we are failing at providing new developers with the industry experience they need to be successful.
Still running Drupal 7? So are a lot of people, and moving to Drupal 8 isn't easy. Let's discuss why it matters, review your options, and how to plan and budget for it.
1 year after GDPR privacy laws went into effect but what's changed? Let's revisit the battle over online privacy, what's coming to the USA, and best practices in privacy experience
Learn why, when, and how JavaScript is going to change your world, and what you can do about it.
Let's explore how cool accessibility tools can make your life easier. We'll cover web-based, browser, Drupal, OS, and desktop tools that can help to make your site accessible to all.
Remote Helping hands are humans and lets talk solution
Have you ever wanted to put maps on your Drupal site. "Adding Maps to Your Drupal Site" will show you one way to do it.
Are you a Project Manager looking for new ways to traverse today's digital landscape? Learn from one PMs journey about how to discover your inner developer to lead a small team of excellent people! Hurry on over to this fun session!
Lessons for the Drupal community from what I've learned through my involvement in the Backdrop CMS community over the last year.
Learn how a Twin Cities based company has leveraged the power of Drupal to create a crowdfunding platform with while label client landing sites.
A guided tour of various content editing strategies for the modern Drupal site.
The Live Captioning Initiative makes events more accessible for people with disabilities using voice to text. It helps reach an even wider audience once the event is over by providing transcripts for videos and SEO value for event sites.
The "Case for Drupal" will lead attendees through the real world decision process clients make. Helping attendees better communicate and sell the value of Drupal to all those they interact with.
Interested in learning how to make your site SEO friendly and easily adjustable by editors? Learn more in our session about SEO considerations for Drupal 8!
"One size fits all" does not apply when it comes to themes. Choosing based on your last project is dangerous. Rolling your own theme is inefficient. In this session we establish criteria to pick a theme and create a theme plan.
In this session, I will talk about modules and settings you can implement while building your site to make search engine optimization even better.
In this session, I will go over some common phishing attacks that you should be aware of. Also, I will highlight some simple, practical ways to protect yourself while browsing the Internet for fun or work.
Layout Builder: Beyond the Basics – In this code-based session, you’ll learn how to create layouts, add settings to layouts, alter block forms, write a custom Layout Builder Restrictions plugin, and much more.
This session will review the process of becoming a distributed company from the point of view of someone who was fully committed to not being one, but whose point of view changed.
Defeat Lord Hosting by learning the ways of the k8s
The world's greatest Agile process can't save a Drupal project that was a bad idea from the start. Learn what you can do before you even install Drupal to ensure a positive outcome for your project.
Have you heard the talk about Gatsby? Learn how to build a blazing fast Gatsby website powered by Drupal!
We'll spend up to a minute talking about the 45 most popular modules for Drupal 8

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